Why Tutoring?

One-on-one tutoring can be of immense benefit for both typical and atypical learners. Today, teachers are more underappreciated than ever before while being asked to work with greater numbers of students. Through no fault of their own, students can fall behind, feel unnoticed, and lack the necessary attention to develop the sets of skills they need to flourish throughout their education. Tutoring is an excellent option to improve your child’s abilities and confidence – both in the classroom and out. Some of the reasons parents consider tutoring for their kids are further elaborated below. If you’re interested in finding out more about working with Risa Johnson for tutoring services in Park Slope, Brooklyn, please take just a few moments to complete the simple online contact from. Risa will be in touch with you shortly.

Noticeable Decline in Grades

Working with the child’s teacher, a tutor can determine where the child has gotten off their learning path. Specifically, the tutor, student, and teacher will need to partner in order to determine whether the problem is with attentional issues, learning differences, poor study habits, or just the need for extra time and assistance to master a topic.

Time Management Concerns

Helping young students learn how to plan ahead to complete large projects as well as learning to juggle activities, interests, and school work that are all competing for the student’s attention.

Inability to Grasp the Basics

For some students, the issues that prevent them from being successful are centered around an inability to understand the instructions and basic rhetorical tools used to deliver their assignments. When this happens, taking the time to help young people develop the skills to understand the way assignments are delivered, breakdown complex questions, and generally develop the skills they need to be successful is important.

Developing Confidence

Many young people who struggle in the classroom start to lose confidence in their abilities. This can make it even more difficult for the student to be successful in their educational goals. Working with a tutor can help them regain their lost confidence and restore the ability to perform to their highest level.

Learning Differences

Young people with learning differences can struggle in the classroom even in schools with the best special education programs available. Working with a tutor who has experience with students who have special education needs is a great way to help these students at any level of ability to achieve educational success.

Educational Enrichment

For that high achieving student who needs a little extra time to develop further in preparation for application to private and prep schools or gifted and talented programs, tutoring can help them to reach their full potential.