My Rates

One on one tutoring :  Please call for rates.
Tandem tutoring (bring a friend!) and group rates available.
Payment is cash only and due at the time of the session.

My Cancellation Policy

Clients agree to give as much notice as possible, but not less than 24 hours.
As with any professional service, sessions that are missed without at least 24 hour advance notice will be charged. Rescheduling is based on limited availability.

Vacations and other interruptions of schedule: Clients agree to notification of any upcoming vacations or other non-emergency schedule interruptions as soon as possible, preferably 2 weeks in advance of the scheduled session.

My Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8 AM – 9 PM

8 AM – 2 PM

8 AM – 2 PM

My Location

318 16th St, Brooklyn, NY, 11215