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Tutoring Services in Park Slope, Brooklyn

Whether your elementary-aged child needs a little extra help in the classroom, he or she is struggling with basic study skills, or you’re looking for someone who can offer art lessons for the whole family, Risa Johnson has you covered. Risa has more than three decades in the NYC school system, and she can help students with a variety of educational goals and learning abilities to perform to their highest level. Even more importantly, Risa makes learning a fun and non-threatening experience for students, so they can start to enjoy school. If you’re interested in learning more about tutoring services, keep reading, or take a few moments to fill out the quick information request form to talk to Risa. She’ll be back in contact with you as soon as possible.

What Tutoring Options are Available?

With Risa’s years of experience and training, she is able to provide a wide range of tutoring options. She can even work with students in multiple subjects, switching back and forth as necessary to accommodate their most pressing needs. Risa provides tutoring services in the following subjects and learning styles:

How Long does Tutoring Take?

Each of Risa’s tutoring sessions is an hour long, but for group art classes, homeschooling, and other special types of tutoring, the sessions may last longer. Overall tutoring time will vary based on the student’s needs, availability, and budget. A student just having difficulty grasping one topic, such as fractions, may only need a few lessons to feel confident. A student seeking to build confidence in in a range of subjects may need to spend a little more time with Risa. Perhaps the most important determining factor when it comes to the length of time your child spends receiving lessons is his or her individual needs and goals. Risa recommends continuing tutoring sessions until your child improves or achieves the goals we set for tutoring, and she will communicate clearly with you, the parent, throughout the process, keeping you up to date on your child’s progress.

How Much Does Tutoring Cost?

Risa provides one-on-one tutoring for $80 per office visit. If your child would like to bring a friend for tandem tutoring, Risa provides these services for $50 for each child per office visit. In special cases, Risa offers group rates. This is typically only available for groups of art students, but please don’t hesitate to inquire about other group lessons.

When is Tutoring Available?

Risa is available for tutoring year-round – while school is in, during summer vacation, and even some school holidays. Typical tutoring hours are as follows:

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